Thanks for checking out my work. I grew up in Baltimore, studied Literature at Swarthmore College, hold a Masters of Fine Arts in film from USC, and am now based in Los Angeles. When I am not living the itinerant life of a doc shooter, I haunt Glendale grocery stores, eat breakfast at Delia's, and make the occasional grand gesture of running up Mt. Wilson. My favorite movie is "Chinatown," with "Paris in Burning"  nipping at its heels. I have clumsy but functional knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, thanks to living in Xiamen in the mid-eighties (and the present-day miracle of Italki).

I've shot films for PBS, Drifting Cloud Productions, Field of Vision, The California Endowment, Birdling Films, Hairpin Communication, Loteria Films, Vice, The Redford Center, and countless other trouble-makers. 

Some of my not-yet-released work includes The Most Unknown that follows ten surprisingly humble scientists around the world as they push up against the outermost edges of human knowledge. I'm also years-deep in a film about farmers in the Andes of Peru adapting to climate change.